Close your vacancies in the IT-sphere and save your time and money.

We are your personal recruiter section, which simply works remotely. Literally.
Our recruiters are technically educated, they are experienced at recruitment for clients from Ukraine, Israel, the United States of America, Western and Eastern Europe. Our database includes up to 100000 candidates from Ukraine and Eastern Europe. In most cases we can close your opening immediately after your inquiry. We are practicing specialists and professionals at our business, which attracts best candidates fast and accurately.

What we do

Our recruiters provide you with the full cycle of services including describing the opening and selection of requirements, searching and screening of potential employees, accompanying during the signing of the offer or refusing candidate.
You will have one contact person inside the company, hence:

  • information is not lost;
  • You receive the status of each candidate in time;
  • Your accompanying manager understands your vacancy and requirements accurately and technically in order you to not lose your time on deliberately non-relevant employees.


We are building HiTech teams for small businesses from the bottom, selecting specialists for open vacancies for middle and large IT-companies. We apply experience which was gained while working with leading companies at the IT-industry. Our database includes over 100000 candidates and we always aware about their status. Your vacancy could be closed within 2 weeks without opening the straight search.


We provide you with relevant candidates for the future contact and processing in short terms. We conduct searching and analysis of GitHub, Gitter, Behance, LinkedIn and use an x-ray search and boolean-requests. Additionally, we process various forums and events in order to find contacts of necessary experts.

Executive search

We also provide an exclusive selection of C-Suite level and Senior Management level specialists for IT-companies. We negotiate at the highest level. Necessary confidentiality is to be provided.

Labor market consulting

We provide the analytics of HiTech labor market, including certain technologies. Our company consults you on optimizing recruitment, highlighting must-have requirements, simplifying the search of candidates and reducing the searching time overall.

4 steps of your ordering

Are you the recruiter, Delivery Manager, CEO or the owner of the company? We can figure out your needs on any level: starting from strictly technical requirements and finishing with high-level expectations from candidates. We have certain mechanisms for clear understanding who exactly you need. Doubtlessly, we are to help you to reach the desired result.


Identifying your needs

It is one of the principal steps. We truly appreciate your time, that is why we gather the information really accurately to assign to you relevant candidates only. It is vital for us to understand not only that requirements which you provide us with from the technical point, but to find that person who would become perfect fit for your team as a personality and would manage to help you to succeed together.



We provide you with full analysis of the labor market and propose you variants of the search optimization: deadlines, budget, candidates’ level for each of the technologies that are in need and geography of searching.


Team selection

We contact the candidates and determine level of their relevance, taking into account all the important criteria, such as: technical, personal, motivational and the English language proficiency. Our company provides pat contact of candidates with you and relevant feedback from each side.


Support and follow-up

We help you to build a full-fledged company by covering each of the vacancy. We also take part in negotiation while signing the offer when it is needed.

Directions and technologies

  • DevOps
  • Full Stack
  • Data Science
  • HR
  • UI/UX
  • QA
  • Digital Marketing
  • Frontend
  • IoT
  • C-Level
  • Business Analyst
  • Backend
  • Product Management
Our experience and database
Our database includes over 100000 candidates from Ukraine and Eastern Europe. We are constantly updating the status of availability of candidates and are ready to close the vacancies literally on the fly.
Total: 100000
Junior: 15.13%
Middle: 27.21%
Senior: 57.66%
Javascript / Angular / React / Node / Vue
ML / Data Engineer / Deep Learning / Data Science / Computer Vision
DevOps / Sys Adm
A-STAFF is your right choice in the IT-recruiting sphere.

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